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Use of metabolomics for identification and validation of biomarkers for preterm birth

Identificar biomarcadores, diferentes tipos de substâncias presentes no organismo das gestantes, para desenvolver um algoritmo capaz de prever os riscos…
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ABC transporters in pregnancy and premature birth

The study evaluated how different types of infections alter the ABC transporters (ATP-Binding Cassette), responsible for transporting various substances…
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Breastfeeding in premature infants: impact of BFHI for neonatal units

The study implemented the Child Friendly Hospital Initiative for neonatal units (Neo-BFHI) in order to assist premature infants in hospitals throughout…
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Development of a concentrate with human milk lyophilizate to feed very low birth weight preterm newborns

Low-cost, powdered breast milk (lyophilized), called Lioneo, is easy to produce as a supplement to the feeding of very low weight babies, weighing less…
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Association between fetal microbiota, prematurity and morbidities of premature newborns

The study aimed to identify the relationship between the set of microorganisms (microbiome) in pregnant women and their newborns and to map changes that…
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Sentidos do Nascer: effects of an interactive exhibition on the transformation of perception about delivery and childbirth

For the first time in Brazil, the study developed and implemented an artistic exhibition, Sentidos do Nascer, as a health education intervention to alter…
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Forty Weeks: an innovative intervention in prenatal care to reduce prematurity

For the first time in Brazil, the study adapted and implemented group prenatal care — with ten women and a meeting per month for eight weeks — as a…
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Randomized clinical trial with magnesium supplementation during pregnancy

The study tested the effectiveness of magnesium citrate tablets as a way to prevent premature birth. Easily and cheaply manufactured, they could work as…
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Influence of the vaginal microbiome and vaginal metabolites in cervical remodeling and preterm delivery

The study identified microorganisms, substances, and compounds in the vaginal microbiome that could more sensibly indicate a shortening of the cervix and,…
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Premature live births in São Paulo: a spatial approach

The study assessed the influence of air pollution and socio-environmental factors on prematurity and measured the risks for each of them.
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Progesterone and cervical pessary to prevent premature birth or P5 study

The study evaluated the effectiveness of combining the pessary, a silicone ring, and progesterone to stop the shortening of the cervix and prevent premature…
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Assessing the impact of social factors and interventions on healthy growth and development: the cohort of 100 million Brazilians

Development and implementation of the first Brazilian Center for Data and Knowledge Integration, known as Cidacs. Comprised of data from the Cadastro Único…
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